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A wise choice must be made in selecting your VAS software. Because, your success is highly dependent on the software you choose to run the business. And, it is never too late.

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Perfect solution for your VAS business

We have been in the VAS business from the beginning of time and we understand the pain that comes with it, from the lack of information to the unavailability of good software, that is why we built falconVAS, from the bottom of our heart.

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Easy to use with tons of awesome features

We listen to what you have to say, and we implement it for you in next to no time. And that is why falconVAS is packed with rich features that are necessary to run your SMS business

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Why falconVAS

Because, its all about YOU. Yeah, we care about your wellbeing and we built the tech stack to simplify your life, well, atleast the VAS part of your life... Right?


We leave no stones unturned to deliver your message. Our rubust algorithm will take it up on itself to loop through your undelivered messages and resend it for you the whole day, so that you can focus on other parts of your business. After all, we are in this together.

Remote access

And that... is without internet connection. I mean it is not everyday that you are connected to the internet. So we built that into our system and it is all yours for the taking. We even had to go that extra mile for you. And it is a secret between you and us.

Role based access

You don't have to worry about which section of the sytstem your emplooyee is accessing. Because we have also thought about that for you and all you have to do is assign them a role and each role is limited to it's pre defined tasks. Sensitive areas are offlimits.

SMS logging

You may want to know which of your staff sent some specific message. We have got you covered. Every message that is sent from the system will get logged with the user who sent it, its timestamp and the group that it is sent to. You can then make an informed decision based on the data you obtained about the given message.

Store and send

You can store as many SMS as you want and send it one by one at anytime you desire. Yeah, you can even store messages for years ahead and it will be sent in an organized manner. You don't need to write every message at the time of sending it. All you have to do is prepare them in excel and upload it. The system will do the rest for you.

Schedule SMS

You can schedule SMS to be sent at the time of your choice. You can control at what time to send your message and it will be sent on your pre-defined time for your pre-defined user group precisely in a timely manner. This way you can have more control over your content and it's deliverable day and time. Scheduling SMS is just two clicks away.


Analytics is a much more needed tool for business in today's data driven world. And why don't utilise one in your SMS business? Every decision you make on your business has an immense impact for the future of your business and it needs to be data driven. That is why we built it to be informative and simple to understand at a glance. We have built subscribers analytics and growth analytics into the system.

Subscribers log

Get infront of your subscribers and see what they have to say. I mean, really. They say a lot. And we have a built a powerful subscribers log that captures everything that anyone send to your shortcode and you have the ability to go through each and everyone of them. It will be logged with timestamp so that you get the idea of when it is sent to you. You can even reply directly from the log table.

Bulk SMS

We are not allowed to talk about it and you know why. But let me make an exception here and go ahead and say it. We have built our bulk section around the idea that you have to get as many SMS as machinely possible to your desired destinations hassle free. And we have spent countless sleepless nights over bulk section and now we are happy to announce that we have built efficient promotional bulk SMS.

Efficent SMS business software

Running SMS business in Ethiopia is not an easy task and we take that extra steps to take the hassle away from you and do the heavy lifting.

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